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Receiving new dentures can require adjustments in your life. You may find that simple habits such as eating feel strange for a while since your dentures don’t feel exactly the same as your natural teeth. Eating with dentures just takes some practice, though to make you a pro, our dentist and our team are pleased to provide advice on how to eat with new dentures.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust
Ease your mouth into eating with dentures by maintaining a diet of soft foods and small pieces. Chewing slowly, using both sides of your dentures, until you become accustomed to the dental appliances and can transition back to a normal diet.

Bite and Chew Carefully
Avoid biting with the fronts of your artificial teeth so that your dentures don’t become unstable and begin to move around, making your gums feel sore. If biting down on food is necessary, bite with the canines instead of the foremost teeth, and then maintain an even pressure on both sides when chewing.

Building Your Confidence
Over the next few days or weeks, you will feel more comfortable with dentures and can begin incorporating firmer and tougher foods into your meals. However, risky foods such as shells and sharp bones or chewing gum should not be brought back into your diet.

Long-Term Eating
Eventually, it will be second nature to you to eat with dentures, and you will be able to enjoy almost the same diet, though you should exercise caution with foods that are sticky or hard, including nuts and seeds.

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