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Did you know there’s an entire branch of dentistry revolved around sedation? It’s true, as sedation dentistry exists to apply several different treatments and techniques to allow an individual to receive a calming and relaxing therapy in many ways. They can be used to help place a person into a mild state of relaxation or even into a deep sleep from which they will not wake up until the sedative wears off.

Have you ever thought about receiving a sedative while at the dentist’s office? If you need to undergo a complex medical procedure, sedation dentistry can be highly effective to ensure the treatment can be given as needed. Sedations exist as mild sedatives in gas or pill form, as well as sedation treatments injected directly into veins for fast-acting treatments. In addition, deep levels of sedation through the use of anesthesia can place a patient into a deep sleep from which they will not wake up until the sedation has worn off. Depending on your oral health care procedures and surgeries that you require, your dentist can help us determine which sedatives will be best for you.

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