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For a healthy smile this holiday season, don’t forget to drink water! If you get dehydrated, your entire body is affected. It can reduce brain function, physical capacity, and strength. Water is great for your smile. It cleans the mouth of food particles and other debris, and cleans acids and sugars away from teeth.

Clearly, it is a good idea to integrate even more water in your holiday eating. Here are some tips to help do that!

First, eat more fruits and vegetables. The high water content present in them will contribute to your hydration–in fact, most people obtain up to 20% of their hydration from food. Try integrating fruit platters into desserts with some holiday cheeses and nuts. A veggie tray with a little dip is also great for holiday parties!

Second, avoid alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol is a diuretic and contributes to dehydration. To try to combat this effect, try drinking a large glass of water with every drink you consume.

Third, make sure water is accessible! It is easier to drink the proper amount of water and stay hydrated if you have water directly on hand. Serve infused waters at parties and dinners–try fun festive flavors such as rosemary-orange, cucumber-mint, or cranberry-cinnamon. Be careful with adding too much citrus to your water; the added acid can be dangerous for your teeth.

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