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Cavities are caused by the acid produced by mouth bacteria and destroy tooth enamel and the dentin as well. Luckily, there is an easy and natural way that your teeth can get the exposure to fluoride they need to fight off cavities, and that’s drinking your communities fluoridated water.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many of our drinking waters sources. There is a vast amount of evidence that supports the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation. If you are curious about the fluoride levels present in your community water supply, then the information is available online.

The rate of tooth decay both in children and adults is significantly less in those communities where fluoride is present in the water.  In fact, studies have shown that fluoridated water prevents at least 25 percent of tooth decay across the board. This goes to show that is a great support to your daily oral health routine, however, it cannot replace the need for regular professional dental cleanings.

Drinking fluoridated water and using other products that contain fluoride are great ways to prevent cavities from forming. The fluoridation of community water is an initiative that is supported by over 100 health organizations like the ADA (American Dental Association), so there is no reason to worry if it is safe or healthy for you.

Our team at Windward Dental Care is engaged in providing you with your healthiest smile possible. Dr. Keith Kitchens, our dentist is happy that natural means of cavity prevention exist and hopes that you will take advantage of them and the oral health security regular cleanings can bring you. To schedule an appointment to assess your oral health, call at 770-569-7580.