Learning More About Gingivitis

Did you know that gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease? Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an oral health condition in which you have suffered severe infections in your gums surrounding your teeth. Oftentimes, this is caused by plaque. Even if you have optimum oral hygiene... Read more »

Take Time to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Are you taking the time to brush your teeth properly? Many people still struggle with oral health problems despite their brushing. If this sounds like you, then consider the possibility you may be skipping essential steps. To help people understand the proper way to brush for positive oral health, our... Read more »

How to Relieve Pain From Canker Sores

If you are someone who is suffering from canker sores, then you’re probably searching for ways to treat the problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment available. However, there are things you can do to relieve the pain and help you find some comfort. Our dentist, Dr. Keith Kitchens, has some... Read more »

Adjusting to a Diet With Dentures

Receiving new dentures can require adjustments in your life. You may find that simple habits such as eating feel strange for a while since your dentures don’t feel exactly the same as your natural teeth. Eating with dentures just takes some practice, though to make you a pro, our dentist... Read more »

Discover Your Perfect Smile with Sedation Dentistry

Did you know there's an entire branch of dentistry revolved around sedation? It's true, as sedation dentistry exists to apply several different treatments and techniques to allow an individual to receive a calming and relaxing therapy in many ways. They can be used to help place a person into a... Read more »

The Key to a Great Smile with Dental Sealants

Combatting the effects of tooth decay is essential to keep your smile safe. One highly effective preventive measure that can be used is with dental sealants. When applied to a tooth, it can help limit tooth decay by as much as 80%. In order to ensure your oral health care... Read more »

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Missing teeth are never a fun thing to deal with, and if you’ve wondered what you can do to restore not only your smile, but your chewing abilities, consider dental implants. This surgical element interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis, and can... Read more »

Avoid Eating Hard Candies

Picture some things you shouldn’t chew on: pen caps, lollipop sticks and maybe even ice come to mind. But what about solid candies? Although jawbreaker candies, unlike most of that list, are edible, their hard structure is too difficult to chew on, and if you do chew on them, you... Read more »

The Different Types of Dental Crowns That Can Restore Your Smile

There are many different types of dental crowns in the world today. This means you have more than one option when it comes to restoring your tooth with a dental restoration. To help you choose the right dental crown for your tooth and smile, our dentist, Dr. Keith Kitchens, is... Read more »

Drink Water for a Happy Holiday

For a healthy smile this holiday season, don’t forget to drink water! If you get dehydrated, your entire body is affected. It can reduce brain function, physical capacity, and strength. Water is great for your smile. It cleans the mouth of food particles and other debris, and cleans acids and... Read more »